The 68th Annual Horticultural Show is being held at Churchdown Community Centre on Saturday, 11th August 2018 commencing at  2:00 pm.  Judging for the best kept allotments will take place on Thursday, 2nd August.  The overall winner will be announced and awarded the Allotment Cup at the Horticultural Show at approximately 4:30 pm.  Runners up prizes will also be presented.

The Council would like to thank all tenants who have responded to the recent findings of the allotment inspection.

Can we remind all allotment holders that it is your responsibility to cut the grass paths between your plot and your neighbours – specifically the path farthest from the gate on each site. This helps maintain both sites and is necessary to avoid trip hazards and keep our amenities safe, as well as beautiful.

Can we remind  all tenants to show respect to other allotment holders and adjacent residents when lighting bonfires -always inform other allotment holders before you light a bonfire and never do so until one hour before sunset . The local sunset times are published in the local press and are available on line.

Thank you