Please keep abreast of local news and media to get the latest information and stay safe and warm.

Here’s the latest from Met Office for West Mercia and Gloucestershire.

There is currently (08:00) some light snow falling across the region. Temperatures are bitterly cold with temperatures well below zero everywhere and wind chill making it feel like -10 to -13 Celsius.

For the remainder of the morning the snowfall will probably remain light and intermittent with no more than a couple of cm or so falling and perhaps very little at all across eastern parts of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and the northern half of Shropshire. Winds will strengthen though and it will remain bitterly cold.

This afternoon we are likely to see a gradual increase in the snowfall rates – with snow becoming quite heavy at times especially later in the afternoon and throughout the evening. The strength of the wind will mean that at times we will see blizzard conditions, and there will be enough snowfall to start seriously affecting the transport network. Wind speeds will cause snowdrifts to form in places as well, and the mixture of snow, drifting, and windchill will give tiring and dangerous conditions for any one stranded. Currently we expect the heaviest falls of snow to occur across Southern Shropshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and western part of Worcestershire – this is consistent with the Amber warning we issued yesterday. We have just reissued that Amber warning – but it is valid from 14:00 today which is very broadly speaking when we expect to see the snowfall rates to start to increase. The snowfall will continue through this evening and overnight – with blizzard conditions at times. During Friday – snow fall rates will be less and winds will ease down a notch or two – so it will be “better” – but we will still see further (if rather lighter) snowfall continuing on and off throughout the day and it looks as if that will continue overnight into Saturday as well.

Things will be a little milder on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday and allow some thawing to take place at least by day.

Difficult to put a number on how deep the snow will be – we are seeing signals for about 30cm or so across the high ground close to South Wales – but these sorts of numbers will be largely academic due to the uneven way snow will accumulate as the wind drifts and scours it. Reasonable chance we will see some deep drifts in places though. Neighbouring parts of South Wales will see a RED warning issued later this morning – this is where the highest snow totals are likely to be for this event…as a rule of thumb the nearer you are to South Wales the more snow you will see.

Met Office will continue to push out plenty of comms regarding the weather across social media today.