Churchdown Park – NO FIRES OR BBQs

Please note that bonfires and BBQs are strictly prohibited within Churchdown Park and in any of the parks around the village.
These are :
Churchdown Park – Play Area, Pocket Park, Skatepark, Field , Ponds Area
Chapel Hay Park
John Daniels Play Area and field/pitches
St Johns Park
Oakhurst Close Play area and mini – football pitch
Zinnia Play Area
Shamrock Close Play Area
Tudor Mead Play area and field
Evidence of such activity will be passed to the police in all cases.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Please keep abreast of local news and media to get the latest information and stay safe and warm.

Here’s the latest from Met Office for West Mercia and Gloucestershire.

There is currently (08:00) some light snow falling across the region. Temperatures are bitterly cold with temperatures well below zero everywhere and wind chill making it feel like -10 to -13 Celsius.

For the remainder of the morning the snowfall will probably remain light and intermittent with no more than a couple of cm or so falling and perhaps very little at all across eastern parts of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and the northern half of Shropshire. Winds will strengthen though and it will remain bitterly cold.

This afternoon we are likely to see a gradual increase in the snowfall rates – with snow becoming quite heavy at times especially later in the afternoon and throughout the evening. The strength of the wind will mean that at times we will see blizzard conditions, and there will be enough snowfall to start seriously affecting the transport network. Wind speeds will cause snowdrifts to form in places as well, and the mixture of snow, drifting, and windchill will give tiring and dangerous conditions for any one stranded. Currently we expect the heaviest falls of snow to occur across Southern Shropshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and western part of Worcestershire – this is consistent with the Amber warning we issued yesterday. We have just reissued that Amber warning – but it is valid from 14:00 today which is very broadly speaking when we expect to see the snowfall rates to start to increase. The snowfall will continue through this evening and overnight – with blizzard conditions at times. During Friday – snow fall rates will be less and winds will ease down a notch or two – so it will be “better” – but we will still see further (if rather lighter) snowfall continuing on and off throughout the day and it looks as if that will continue overnight into Saturday as well.

Things will be a little milder on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday and allow some thawing to take place at least by day.

Difficult to put a number on how deep the snow will be – we are seeing signals for about 30cm or so across the high ground close to South Wales – but these sorts of numbers will be largely academic due to the uneven way snow will accumulate as the wind drifts and scours it. Reasonable chance we will see some deep drifts in places though. Neighbouring parts of South Wales will see a RED warning issued later this morning – this is where the highest snow totals are likely to be for this event…as a rule of thumb the nearer you are to South Wales the more snow you will see.

Met Office will continue to push out plenty of comms regarding the weather across social media today.



Your Plan for your Neighbourhood!
Work on the Neighbourhood Plan which aims to positively influence development in our area started in 2014
We now have a draft Plan which we hope to submit to Tewkesbury Borough Council early in 2018 o There are still some steps to go through, including further work on policies relating to road infrastructure, flooding, housing and internet connectivity.
At the end of the Plan process a Referendum will be held of all Residents of Churchdown and Innsworth, and if a majority vote in favour the Plan will be “made”, and the policies and actions which it contains will help to make this a better neighbourhood.
The Steering Group has now been reformulated and will be led by parish councillors, however, we need community members to help us.
Can you help out? It would mean attending meetings of the Steering Group to give your view point as a Resident. The Steering Group meetings are held once a month on a Friday morning. The meetings are interesting and full support is given by Parish Council staff.
If you think you can help or just want to find out more please contact either Geraldine Connor, Clerk, Churchdown Parish Council and Plan Coordinator (Tel: 01452 713528, )
We welcome your input!

Staverton 10-Mile Road Race

To whom it may concern,

In order to allow people to plan ahead, minimise disruption and ensure the event passes safely, we wish to let you know about this year’s Staverton 10-mile road race, which we are planning to hold in Staverton and Churchdown on Sunday 28th January 2018.

The race is a two-lap, 10-mile road race, which has been organised with advice from the Police and Gloucestershire Highways.  It starts from Gloucestershire Airport and passes through Churchdown before returning to Gloucestershire Airport via Brookfield Lane and Chosen Home Farm.

A map of the route can be found here (

The planned start time for the race is 09:00 am and we anticipate that the first runners will finish by 10:00 am and that the last runners will finish it at 11:00.

There are around 200 entrants, and we have not applied for road closures. However, for safety reasons and to minimise disruption, we wanted to let people know that there will be runners on the road during these times on that Sunday morning.

There will be ‘runners in road’ signs displayed for the duration of the event, and these will be removed immediately afterwards.

We are grateful for your cooperation and understanding and if you have any questions about the race please don’t hesitate to e-mail

Kind regards,


CLC Striders

Temporary Road Closure Notice



Gloucestershire County Council has made an order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (as amended) to temporarily close part of roads as set out in the Schedule below.

The reason for the closure is to carry out fibre installation works.

The roads are expected to be closed from 18th December 2017 until 16 th January 2018 (see the Schedule) or until the works have been completed. For further information, please contact Gloucestershire Highways on 08000 514 514 or visit

Alternative Route — C80 Innsworth Lane, B4063 Cheltenham Road East and as signed on site.

Pedestrian access to premises on or next to the road and emergency access will be maintained.

The Schedule

Road Closures

40426 Frog Furlong Lane from its junction with Innsworth Lane to Down Hatherley Lane for a distance of approximately 300 metres from 18th December 2017 until 22 nd December 2017 and;

C81 Down Hatherley Lane from its junction with A38 to its junction with Cheltenham Road East for a distance of approximately 500 metres from 3rd January 2018 until 16th January 2018.

Parish Office Closure

The Parish Office will be closed for the festive season from

 12:00pm, Friday, 22nd December 2017


 9:15am, Tuesday, 2nd January 2018


 Councillors and Staff of the Parish Office extend their seasonal good wishes to all.


Opening & Closing times of Toilets – Churchdown Park


To ensure staff have the opportunity to be with their families during the festive season, please be advised that the toilets will be closed on the following dates:

Monday, 25th December 2017 (Christmas Day)

Tuesday, 26th December 2017 (Boxing Day)

Monday, 1st January 2018 (New Year’s Day)

Normal opening & closing times (07:30am – 3:30pm) will resume up to and following these dates.

Outdoor Equipment – Tudor Mead

The Parish Council would welcome some feedback on the use of the outdoor gym equipment at Tudor Mead. Do you use the equipment – or know others who do ? What pieces do you like or are the best to use ? Does this gym provide a realistic alternative to indoor gym membership ? We would really appreciate your feedback as this will help us to plan future projects for our parks and green spaces !

Temporary Road Closure – Frog Furlong Lane

The road is expected to be closed from 18th December until 16th January 2018 or until the works have been completed.

Alternative route – C80 Innsworth Lane, B4063 Cheltenham Road East and as signed on site.

The schedule is attached Temporary Road Closure – Frog Furlong Lane.

For further information, please contact Gloucestershire Highways on 08000 514 514 or visit




Car Parking – Firework Night (3rd November 2017)

Please note that there will be no car parking facilities at Churchdown Park  for those wishing to attend the Firework Extravaganza.

Also, due to building work adjacent to the Community Centre, the car park at the Centre will not be available for parking vehicles.

May we please ask those living within the Parish to walk to the venue (if able to do so).

For those travelling to the venue by car, may we please ask that you are mindful of parking in front of resident’s houses/driveways as access will be required.

Grant Applications

Please note that the current Churchdown Parish Council  grant  policy and application forms are available in the documents tab under Finance . The current policy applies to all applications for grants of  £250 and over.   For applications for grants under £250 , the applicant must provide a figure stating the annual income for the organisation ; this is so that Members of  the Finance and Administration Committee can be satisfied of the organisations’ propriety .



Tenders are invited for Grass Cutting and Weed Spraying contracts covering the period 1st April 2018 – 31st October 2018.

Tenders are invited for Bus Shelter Cleaning contract covering 1st April 2018 – 31st March 2019.

Full details and specifications are obtainable from the address below during office hours, Mon – Fri, 9.15 am to 1 pm.

 Closing date for Tenders is 12 noon, Monday, 6th November 2017.