Adverse Weather Conditions

Please keep abreast of local news and media to get the latest information and stay safe and warm.

Here’s the latest from Met Office for West Mercia and Gloucestershire.

There is currently (08:00) some light snow falling across the region. Temperatures are bitterly cold with temperatures well below zero everywhere and wind chill making it feel like -10 to -13 Celsius.

For the remainder of the morning the snowfall will probably remain light and intermittent with no more than a couple of cm or so falling and perhaps very little at all across eastern parts of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and the northern half of Shropshire. Winds will strengthen though and it will remain bitterly cold.

This afternoon we are likely to see a gradual increase in the snowfall rates – with snow becoming quite heavy at times especially later in the afternoon and throughout the evening. The strength of the wind will mean that at times we will see blizzard conditions, and there will be enough snowfall to start seriously affecting the transport network. Wind speeds will cause snowdrifts to form in places as well, and the mixture of snow, drifting, and windchill will give tiring and dangerous conditions for any one stranded. Currently we expect the heaviest falls of snow to occur across Southern Shropshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and western part of Worcestershire – this is consistent with the Amber warning we issued yesterday. We have just reissued that Amber warning – but it is valid from 14:00 today which is very broadly speaking when we expect to see the snowfall rates to start to increase. The snowfall will continue through this evening and overnight – with blizzard conditions at times. During Friday – snow fall rates will be less and winds will ease down a notch or two – so it will be “better” – but we will still see further (if rather lighter) snowfall continuing on and off throughout the day and it looks as if that will continue overnight into Saturday as well.

Things will be a little milder on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday and allow some thawing to take place at least by day.

Difficult to put a number on how deep the snow will be – we are seeing signals for about 30cm or so across the high ground close to South Wales – but these sorts of numbers will be largely academic due to the uneven way snow will accumulate as the wind drifts and scours it. Reasonable chance we will see some deep drifts in places though. Neighbouring parts of South Wales will see a RED warning issued later this morning – this is where the highest snow totals are likely to be for this event…as a rule of thumb the nearer you are to South Wales the more snow you will see.

Met Office will continue to push out plenty of comms regarding the weather across social media today.

Parking on verges and pavements

The Parish Council continue to have serious concerns about this increasing problem.
Following a recent meeting with local Highways representatives , the following advice has been confirmed : –

If a vehicle is found to have caused damage to a verge or pavement, a penalty can be issued to recover costs by GCC Highways.
Routine inspections will be commencing shortly

Churchdown and Innsworth Neighbourhood Plan


Your Plan for your Neighbourhood!
Work on the Neighbourhood Plan which aims to positively influence development in our area started in 2014.
We now have a draft Plan which we hope to submit to Tewkesbury Borough Council early in 2018 .  There are still some steps to go through, including further work on policies relating to road infrastructure, flooding, housing and internet connectivity.
At the end of the Plan process a Referendum will be held of all Residents of Churchdown and Innsworth, and if a majority vote in favour the Plan will be “made”, and the policies and actions which it contains will help to make this a better neighbourhood.
The Steering Group has now been reformulated and will be led by Parish Councillors, however, we need community members to help us.
Can you help out? It would mean attending meetings of the Steering Group to give your view point as a Resident.  The Steering Group meetings are held once a month on a Friday morning. The meetings are interesting and full support is given by Parish Council staff.
If you think you can help or just want to find out more please contact either Geraldine Connor, Clerk, Churchdown Parish Council or Plan Coordinator (Tel: 01452 713 528,  We welcome your input!

Allotment Representative Required at Audenfield

Due to the retirement of the long-standing Allotment Representative (Mr Trevor Ellery), there is an opening for an allotment representative for Audenfield Allotments.

If any Allotment Holder would be willing to step-up to this volunteer post, we would be very pleased to receive a letter of interest or email from you.

The Parish Council would like to thank Trevor for his commitment, hard-work, dedication and the time he devoted to this post and wish him well with his “retirement”. Trevor will still be seen around Audenfield as he will be working on his allotment.

On behalf of the Council, we wish him many more year’s of enjoyment on his allotment.

Geraldine Connor, Clerk to the Parish Council.

New Councillor Appointment

We are delighted to announce the formal Cooption of Mrs Mary Jordan to Churchdown Parish Council on 14th November 2017 . Mary has lived locally for over 30 years and has an extensive background in training. We welcome Mary and look forward to working with her in the future.

Halloween crime prevention advice

Neighbourhood Watch message

From Bob Lloyd

While the majority of people set out to enjoy Halloween, sadly a rise in anti-social behaviour is seen nationally in the days around it.

The police have put additional high visibility patrols in place as a precaution and to reassure the public that they will take action against anyone taking part in nuisance activities.

Over the past few weeks police have received a number of reports of a group of youths on bikes in and around Gloucester taking part in intimidating and threatening behaviour to innocent members of the public.

As most people set out to enjoy family friendly Halloween festivities, Police are being vigilant in relation to the recent series of incidents and want to offer people as much reassurance as possible.

If you become aware of any nuisance activity in the area please calls the police by ringing 101, or 999 if there is a crime being committed.

Please take sensible precautions during this time by:

  • keeping you front and back door locked at all times
  • making sure your outside lighting, CCTV or house alarm is working correctly
  • double checking that your vehicle is locked and all valuables have been removed
  • Park your car in your garage, on your drive or in a well-lit area as close to your home as you can
  • Keeping an eye out for elderly and vulnerable people living near you

Halloween also coincides with the clocks changing bringing longer hours of darkness. Police often notice an increase in burglaries during this time as homes are frequently left in complete darkness from late afternoon into the evening.  This indicates that no one is home and burglars can take advantage of this situation.  Consider using lights on time switches or a simulated TV unit to give the impression someone is at home.

Further crime prevention advice can be obtained by ringing the Neighbourhood Watch Office on 01452 752086 or 754630 or by visiting the “Staying Safe” pages of the Constabulary web site at

A “No Trick or Treat” window poster is also available to download at or for a hard copy of the poster please ring 01452 752086 or 754630.

Clerk’s News Letter November December 2017

November – December 2017

FIREWORKS EXTRAVAGANZA. I am very pleased to advise that this will go ahead on Friday, 3rd November, with fireworks provided by Star fireworks and funfair by Morris Amusements. This has become something of a Churchdown tradition which I know many people look forward to. Advance tickets [ at a reduced rate] available on line and at various venues around the village – please check our website for details

BUDGET SETTING. The Council will soon be preparing draft revenue estimates in order to set the Precept for next financial year. One item of the budget is grants to local groups and charities; therefore, applications are now invited. If you think you may like to apply for a grant, please contact the Office for further information and a copy of the application form. All applications must be received by no later than 31st October 2017

VACANCIES ON THE COUNCIL. There is currently one vacancy on the Council, for St John’s Ward. Councillors do get involved in many interesting projects, so if you are interested in serving on the Council, or just want to find out a bit more please contact the office and we will be pleased to advise what is involved.

CHURCHDOWN & INNSWORTH NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN. As most residents are already aware, a great deal of work has already been undertaken on the Plan. A draft has been produced containing planning policies and a list of community actions – all based on information gathered during the Community Engagement in 2014 together with research by the Steering Group and reports from specialist consultants. In addition, the Council wants to ensure that concerns regarding traffic/road infrastructure, flooding and housing are addressed as fully as possible and is currently considering the way forward with this. The Council would particularly appreciate receiving any photographs of flooding which has occurred in the last 12 years, whether this be a small-scale event (even including pooling of water on roads) or the larger events of 2007 and 2009. Please email these to Ruth Warne, Neighbourhood Plan Coordinator on

NEW PLAY PARKS AND NEW EQUIPMENT. The Council are delighted to confirm the refurbishment of all our local parks is now under way. These are: Churchdown Play Park, Chapel Hay Park, St. John’s, John Daniels, Tudor Mead and Zinnia Play Park.
In addition, Churchdown Parish Council will be taking responsibility for Shamrock Close Play Park and Oakhurst Park in the very near future – any suggestions for improvements to these amenities including ideas for new play equipment would be welcome!!

ORNAMENTAL GARDENS /POCKET PARK. Many of you will have noticed the huge amount of tree and overgrowth clearance undertaken in the Pocket Park and Ornamental Gardens – this has vastly improved light and visibility in this area and will greatly enhance the safety of all children who play there.

SKATEPARK AND CHURCHDOWN PARK PONDS AREA: FIRES AND DAMAGE. We are sad to report that several fires have been set in both the ponds area and on the Skatepark. This is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and the Parish Council WILL PROSECUTE those responsible for any fires set and damage caused.

LAND WANTED. The Parish Council are seeking to acquire a plot of land to accommodate a new burial ground. The plot should be level and approximately 2 acres in size. Please contact the Parish Office with details of any suitable land for sale.

Geraldine Connor
Clerk to the Council
Council Offices, Parton Road
Tel: 01452 713528 email:


Tickets for the annual Firework Extravaganza are now on sale at the Parish Offices (between the hours of 9:00 am and 1:15 pm) Monday to Friday.  Tickets can also be purchased from the local Infant & Junior Schools (Churchdown & Innsworth) and also from GL3 Hub.

Tickets can be purchased online here. 

Pre-entry ticket prices are discounted as follows:

Adult      £4.00

Child      £3.00

Under 3   FREE

Family ticket (2 Adults & 2 children aged 3-16)   £12.00

On the gate prices:

Adult     £5.00

Child     £3.00

Under 3   FREE

Family ticket (as above)   £15.00